Ontario One Call

Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255

  1. Why can’t I get a locate through you, my local utility, like before?

    As a local utility, we’re trying to make it safer and easier for you to dig.

    Rather than calling us or dropping in, contact Ontario One Call to obtain your locate at 1-800-400-2255 or visit them on the web at on1call.com. Please give Ontario One Call at least 5 business days’ notice before you wish to dig.

    Ontario One Call will then contact all the utilities that are at or near the area you’ll be digging.

    Simply wait for all those utilities to respond to your request and then dig safely, following the utility’s instructions.

  2. Why are you, my local utility, registered with Ontario One Call for locates?

    First and foremost, for community safety.

    Registration with Ontario One Call gives us another tool in our tool belt and makes it easier for you to contact everyone who has buried facilities in your work area when you want to dig. In some jurisdictions, Ontario One Call is notifying 30 or more companies. That would get tiresome to call individually. It’s a simple and effective program – one number to call to put you in touch with the experts and save you time and hassle.

    Additionally, the Ontario Underground Infrastructure Notification System Act 2012 requires us to register by a certain date.

  3. What’s this going to cost me?

    It’s free for you to contact ON1Call to obtain a locate.

    Ontario One Call is a not-for-profit corporation, owned by its members and overseen by the Ministry of Consumer Services. We keep our costs as low as possible because those same members pay the bills. And the corporation is not able to keep much money, as it is a Not-For-Profit.

  4. What information must I provide to Ontario One Call?

    Ontario One Call will be looking for:

    • Contact information
      • Name*
      • Phone number*
      • Email address
    • Location information *
      • Address*
      • Nearest cross street*
    • What digging activity you’re going to be doing *
      • ex: building a new deck
    • The specifics around that activity
      • What is the maximum depth you will be digging?
      • Where on the property will the work take place?
      • Will you be using Machine or Hand Tools or both?
      • Will the work be on public or private property or both?
      • Have you already indicated on your property where you will be digging with paint or flags?
    • When do you intend to start digging* (please provide at least 5 business days’ notice)

*required information

Prescott Office:
985 Industrial Rd
P.O.Box 699
Prescott, Ontario
K0E 1T0

Telephone: (613) 925 – 3851
Fax: (613) 925 – 0303

Westport Office:
30 Bedford Street
P.O.Box 68
Westport, Ontario
K0G 1X0

Telephone: (613) 273 – 2191
Fax: (613) 273 – 3460

After Hours Emergency:
(866) 276 - 1400

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